Michael Coppola is a progressive filmmaker and digital creative.

His diverse skill set as a designer, cinematographer, director, and editor allows him to move effortlessly between the areas of pre-production, principal photography and post-production.

While living in a small city in North-East Italy, Michael first had his taste of filmmaking and quickly realised that it was both his passion and ambition in life. Filming his friend’s skateboarding, he noticed his natural eye for creating beautiful imagery and knew that it was a career that he wanted to pursue. As a result of this revelation, Michael chose to study filmmaking at Central Film School in London. After finishing his degree, Michael threw himself into the film industry, working in various pre-and post-production roles in numerous cities. This experience has allowed him to fine-tune his artistic approach and hone his full creation approach to projects.

Michael has a varied portfolio that spans branded content, music videos, commercial promos, fashion films, narrative shorts and documentaries. Previous clients include Pirelli, Bentley, Sony Music, Fiat, Barilla, Keko London, Spark 44 and The Specialist Works. He also has CGI artwork expertise, and recently minted his first NFT on the invite-only platform Foundation. Two of his most recent fiction short films, Life Is Now and Save Me, have been officially selected at film festivals worldwide.

He is currently developing a feature documentary on the rise of digital art in the 21st century.